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Flotation technology

FlotArt® induced gas flotation technology is the best choice when removing free oil and fine solids from water is required. It consists of a multi-cell horizontal vessel where gas is introduced from the bottom through a system of ejectors. A gas distribution system promotes the accumulation of the microbubbles with oils, hence their flotation and removal on the surface.

Key features


Oil particle removal efficiency

greater than 95%


Oil droplet cut size

up to 10-20 micron



gas injection and distribution system



gas bubble size


logo FlotArt

High efficiency in removing oils thanks to an engineered system of gas injection and gas bubble diffusion inside each flotation chamber

Reduced footprint

Easy access and maintenance thanks to the utilization of removable internals

Optimization of water recycling to reduce consumption while optimizing performance

High inlet flow rate handling

Modular and flexible technology

Optimization of internal parts for water flow uniform distribution and floated oil/solid particles removal


FlotArt® is a flotation technology that consists of a gravity separation process based on the density difference between water and oil/gas agglomerates. Flotation occurs via gas injection from the bottom of a vessel that is kept slightly over pressure by blanketing.

In detail, a portion of treated water is recirculated by recycling pumps to eductors (one per flotation cell) that suck the gas above the liquid water and release it via a dedicated distribution system in the form of small bubbles that are responsible for flotation.

The air bubbles generated at the bottom of the vessel aggregate with the particles, allowing their flotation on the surface. The floated froth is removed using a dedicated skimmer in a lateral oil section.

By adjusting the recirculation ratio, and the number and size of the flotation cells, the FlotArt® technology is flexible enough to adapt to the most diverse operating conditions and required performance.

Take a look at how FlotArt® can be employed in Effluent Treatment Plants and Produced Water Treatment.