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Membrane Bioreactor

The proprietary MBR technology EmbioArt® consists of a biological treatment based on membranes for organic matter and nitrogen removal from several types of wastewater. It is a valuable alternative to conventional activated sludge reactors and is the best solution in cases when higher efficiency and lower footprint are required. Thanks to its modularity, EmbioArt® can cover a wide range of size requirements.

Key features

Total Suspended Solids

< 5ppm

Chemical Oxygen Demand

< 30 ppm 

Biological Oxygen Demand

< 1 ppm 

Footprint Optimization

MLSS up to 12’000 ppm

High Automation Level

Remote monitoring system

Flexible Solution

OPEX optimization


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EmbioArt® MBR technology permeates better quality and bacteria removal: higher COD and TSS removal efficiency aligned with reuse requirements

Footprint optimization: thanks to the higher allowable MLSS concentration in the aeration tank, the technology allows the retrofitting of existing systems in case of a higher load

Improved automation: possible to have PLC/DCS management of all operation cycles (from filtration to maintenance and recovery cleanings)

Remote monitoring of EmbioArt® operating parameters and performances guaranteed for an extended period

Integration of EmbioArt® MBR technology with several biological processes (extended aeration, alternating oxic/anoxic process)

EmbioArt® is a flexible solution created based on customer requirements/needs (layout, air consumption, chemicals, energy)


The membrane bioreactor process combines the aeration basin with membranes. EmbioArt® integrates with pretreatment for solids removal as the membrane modules are submerged in a dedicated basin/tank downstream of the biological reactor. The number of trains can be optimized based on the customer’s requirements, and the system is complete with all the necessary control and safety devices.

In the MBR basin, it is possible to operate with a higher MLSS concentration (up to 12000 mg/L), so a lower volume is required for the MBR reactor. The proper membrane selection and design allow operation with the desired footprint, complying with several customer layout constraints.

EmbioArt®’s intended use combines an optimized biological reactor with MBR to produce superior quality permeate, matching water reuse requirements.

The fouling and scaling phenomenon associated with the MBR is solved with an automatic maintenance cleaning program coupled with recovery cleaning and optimized as a function of operating parameters and inlet water characteristics.

Take a moment to watch our video explaining the proprietary MBR technology EmbioArt®, and have a look at how it is crucial in Water Reuse and how it could be effective in Effluent Treatment Plants.