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Disinfection (hypochlorination)

Removing biological contamination is extremely important in several applications, such as drinking water preparation, water treatment for pharmaceutical applications, and seawater and cooling water treatment.

Disinfection systems utilize different chemical methods to eliminate contaminants. This process actively removes, deactivates, or kills microorganisms to make water healthier, prolonging the life of the treated and processed water. There are consequences if it is not disinfected; for example, if drinking water is left untreated, it can lead to illness in the people and communities it serves.

Some types of water treatment require multiple steps to reach adequate levels for their intended use. It is crucial to use the correct steps and best equipment to ensure your water is fit for its purpose.

Cannon Artes has considerable experience dealing with state-of-the-art disinfection and de-bacterization systems including electro-chlorination systems, UV sterilizers, peracetic acid, and sodium hypochlorite injection.

Ask our specialists for a fully tailor-made solution to perfectly fit your needs and specifications.