Living for decades

Implemented when there is limited freshwater availability, desalination mostly applies to seawater, but also applies to high-salinity brackish waters from deep wells, lagoons, or river estuaries with seawater inflow.

Desalination is often the only choice for the water-intensive industrial sectors; for example, refineries, petrochemicals, and other industrial sectors that are only allowed to source water from the sea.

Whether you need capacities of just a few cubic meters per day or several thousand, Cannon Artes knows how to find the right solution.

Our team provides an integrated membrane-based energy-saving desalination plant, at the “heart” of which is a reverse osmosis unit. Our know-how in energy-saving solutions covers the use of high-rejection energy-saving permeators and energy recovery devices.

We know that the success of your desalination system starts in the pre-treatment phase. Water is a living environment with micro-organisms and algae; its key issues are filtration and disinfection. We have mastered the use of membrane filtration technologies (ultrafiltration and microfiltration), and the intelligent use of chemicals and flotation to address the risk of algae bloom.

Last but not least, selecting the right materials is of utmost importance. High water salinity comes with high corrosivity.

We know how to make your plant live for decades.