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Suppose you are concerned with the residual salinity of the water used within your process. In that case, water demineralization is likely the necessary solution for you as it addresses the removal of salts from water.

Whether you require deionized water quality spanning from mild or selective demineralization to ultrapure water, Cannon Artes can provide a fully customized demineralization plant using ion exchange resins (cation, anion, mixed-bed exchangers) or membrane technologies (RO, EDI) that are often coupled with forced-draught or membrane degassing solutions.

Demineralization is critical for steam and power generation, the chemical-process industry, the pharma sector, food and beverage production, and the semiconductors industry.

The most common industry-specific applications of demineralization are:

  • Steam and Power Generation: demineralization of boiler feedwater (BFW) prevents the deposition of precipitated scale in the boiler and corrosion or deterioration of surfaces in contact with water; when a steam turbine is involved, a high degree of water purity is mandatory to meet the requirements of the turbine manufacture
  • Pharma & Cosmetics: purified water is used in drug preparation in the pharma industry to comply with strict standards concerning dissolved solids and microbiological content
  • Semiconductors/Microelectronics: demineralization of process water is necessary for the semiconductor/microelectronics industry to comply with very stringent specifications related to the miniaturization of the components
  • Chemical Process industry: demineralization is applied to achieve specific parameters to comply with process requirements
  • Food & Beverages: “food-grade” deionized water is used in the food & beverage industry as a raw material during the preparation of the products