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Cooling Water Treatment
A hot topic

If you have concerns with the performance of your cooling system, water quality could be worth considering.

Water is the preferred cooling medium because of its availability and chemical-physical properties. It is regularly added when evaporative cooling towers are used to compensate for the losses due to the evaporation and the ”blow-down” necessary to keep circulating water within an acceptable range of conductivity, dissolved salts, and hardness. The target is to reduce the presence of suspended solids in the make-up water to the maximum possible extent through an accurate filtration system.

In evaporative cooling towers, circulating water is also contaminated by impurities due to atmospheric airborne dust. Filtration of a partial stream of circulating water (side stream) is necessary to reduce the suspended solids content and, consequently, minimize the “blow-down” stream.

Our experts can address filtration issues in make-up and side streams using a full range of media filtration solutions, particularly our proprietary Automatic Valveless Gravity Filters. The latter is particularly suitable for side stream filtration, where large capacities are involved, and water flows by gravity through the filters directly into the cooling water basin.

Conversely, if you are looking for overall optimization of the cooling water circuit targeted to minimize any water loss, Cannon Artes is the right partner to develop a fully customized solution.

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