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Condensate Treatment & Recovery
A specialist’s task

We can help you reduce your water footprint and operating costs by helping you effectively recover the steam condensate.

Condensate polishing systems are employed to purify steam condensate returning from the process to minimize consumption of makeup water and meet the quality requirements of the steam generators and thermal cycles.

Polishing the recovered condensate is carried out whenever there is significant risk of the return condensate being contaminated. It deals with three specific types of impurities: solid particles originating from corrosion of metallic lines, dissolved salts from the potential inflow of seawater into the condenser, and oils and hydrocarbons leaking into the condensate from heat exchangers.

The solution we provide tackles condensate contamination, even in the most challenging high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.

Take a look at the case study relevant to the condensate polishing plant supplied for the first floating LNG plant in the world!