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Produced Water Treatment
A task simplified through expertise

Every hydrocarbons reservoir is characterized by water coming to the surface while oil and gas are extracted. First, residual oil and gas must be separated from such produced water.

Produced Water – Onshore

Since the rocks are highly porous, produced water to be injected must be free from oil, scaling salts, and solids to avoid plugging the formation rocks and maximize the residual life of an oil reservoir, which is strictly related to the size of the solids particles.

Cannon Artes’ state-of-the-art solution for treating produced water is based upon a sequence of stages defined according to the influent oil and solid content.

The first stage typically sees a de-oiling unit arranged on Coalescing Plates (CPI) or Tilted Plates (TPI) separators with a series of corrugated plate packs to enlarge oil droplets and settle solids within a limited footprint.

FlotArt® Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) or Dissolved Gas Flotation (DGF) is the second stage. Small bubbles of gas rising through oil-contaminated water attach themselves to oil droplets, accelerating their path to the surface where the oil layer builds up and is subsequently skimmed off.

The third stage consists of a highly accurate filtration process to achieve maximum purity from solid particles and allow water re-injection. NutArt® Walnut Shell Filters are suitable for this application.

Produced Water – Offshore

Cannon Artes provides a compact and lightweight treatment based on multiple stages. Desanding hydrocyclones exploit the differential density between solid particles and the liquid phase.

In offshore applications, residual free oil, oil in emulsion, and suspended solids are removed using a Compact Flotation Unit (CFU). CFU uses gas bubbles to achieve oil separation, and the key to its efficient operation is to control the bubble size and induce the correct amount of swirl.

In addition to these technologies, for both onshore and offshore, we provide:

  • sand washing systems: designed to remove oil from separated sand and solids
  • degassers: suitable to separate gases entrained into the liquid phase from the primary separation
  • filters: in case more stringent requirements have to be met on residual suspended solids

Produced water treatment is not an easy task; our engineers can help find a solution that perfectly fits your needs.