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De-oiling & Oily Emulsion Treatment

Oil and grease contaminants include a wide variety of organic compounds with different physical and chemical properties.

Common sources of contamination are petroleum derivatives and fats from vegetable oils and meat/fish processing. In most industries, oils are also used as lubricants and fuels and are often spilled on the ground and washed away by stormwater. Stormwater runoff brings oil; thus, a specific treatment is necessary to reuse or discharge it.

Our technical experts have developed dedicated solutions for oily water treatment featuring the following technologies:

  • Static separation (API separators) with oil skimmers
  • Tilted plates (TPI) or coalescing plates (CPI) separation
  • Cartridge-type coalescers
  • Oleophilic-resins type coalescers
  • Flotation units: dissolved air flotation, induced-air or induced-gas type (DAF, DGF, IGF), including Cannon Artes’ proprietary FlotArt™ technology
  • NutArt™ nutshell filters

Don’t hesitate to contact our engineers: 40+ years in deoiling technologies is at your fingertips.