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Anaerobic Treatment
From waste to resource

Anaerobic treatment is a compelling alternative to biodegradation in aerobic environments, especially interesting for industries with significant amounts of organic pollution and medium-to-large water flows.

Anaerobic Treatment Methods

Pressure from legislation on solid waste disposal in developed countries has increased the usage of anaerobic digestion. This process reduces waste volumes while generating valuable byproducts.

In anaerobic treatment processes, wastewater pollutants are turned into useful biogas or methane that can then return to the production cycle, be fired into a cogeneration system, or be sold to energy providers. These systems are an advanced method to speed up degradation processes for difficult effluents that may be too expensive to treat with aerobic technologies.

Our Solution

At Cannon Artes, our team of experts can accurately design the anaerobic wastewater treatment solution that best fits your company’s needs and effluent characteristics, considering the most appropriate technologies, capital and operating costs, and any additional challenges that may surface.

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