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Product Portfolio

Our expertise in the area of water & wastewater treatment and reuse has grown since our inception in 1977, allowing Cannon Artes to provide a portfolio of superior products and services available for your use.
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Engineering & Consultancy

The complexities of most water treatment systems are not very apparent when a new project is drafted. Only during detailed design do all issues come to the surface, by which time remedial work can be impossible, complex, or costly.

During feasibility studies and front-end engineering, an accurate process design is crucial. In the early stages of a project, there is a substantial lack of information on some subjects that companies cannot check until the plant starts operation. A mistake at that stage may heavily impact capital expenditure and operating costs (OPEX).

Involving Cannon Artes’ engineers from the earliest stages gives your project the experience of hundreds of best-in-class installations for an accurate preliminary design. This step paves the way to successful execution.

Turnkey Solutions

We are capable of delivering complete water and wastewater treatment systems on a turnkey basis.

Take advantage of the experience of a company that, since 1977, provides engineering, procurement, and shop and site construction through to start-up.


In the water & wastewater treatment industry and other industrial fields, process plants often have to adapt to updated capacities, variations of chemical compositions, relocations, and rearrangements of layouts. Systems installed decades ago may require a substantial upgrade to meet new environmental and safety standards.

We provide vast experience in revamping and rejuvenating existing water & wastewater treatment systems, bringing state-of-the-art technologies into the existing plant.

Water reuse, energy efficiency, and Industry 4.0 are concepts that can be easily implemented into existing plants. Our team can help you make the best choice for new concepts for your plant.

R&D, Lab Testing & Pilot Plants

“I’ve never seen two identical water treatment plants” is a common sentence among water treatment engineers.

New technologies have been recently introduced to the market, but their direct implementation into industrial plants is sometimes seen as a risk for the end user.

At Cannon Artes, the R&D department is ready to support our clients in implementing testing programs. The advanced laboratory is available at our facilities, and clients can rent our pilot plants to demonstrate operating performances.

Digital Solutions

All Cannon Artes plants are Industry 4.0-ready

Is your factory already fully integrated into an Industry 4.0 concept? Ours are.

Instrumentation, control, and automation are quintessential for an easy, reliable, safe, and efficient operation not just of the water plant, but the entire factory.

The aim is no longer just to integrate the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) control into the factory’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

The new frontiers are predictive control, predictive maintenance, and remote data acquisition and supervision.

Ask our specialists how water treatment can contribute to the overall efficiency of your factory.