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We are at your side for all your needs.

Site Servicing

Do you need assistance to install, pre-commission,
commission, start-up, or test your Water Treatment Plant?


A skilled team of experts is at your service to develop and work with the full range of water treatment technologies.

  • process
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • instrumentation
  • automation (including PLCs, DCSs)

Our engineers have vast experience with the most diverse and challenging environments, both onshore and offshore.

Short-notice deployment worldwide is possible due to the availability of service engineers through Cannon’s global locations.

Spare Parts

Are you aware of the risk that missing spare parts
can compromise the success of operations even in the most reliable system?

Fast availability

Thanks to our warehouse, stocked with a wide range of spare parts, we can make the most critical parts available to our clients on extremely short notice.

The interchangeability of spare parts allows each of our clients to take advantage of the operability and performance of the system, ensuring its long life.

Spare parts are available to clients worldwide thanks to Cannon’s global facilities and partner locations


Have you considered the benefits of having your team trained by the water treatment specialist who designed your plant?

Training Options

At Cannon Artes, our experts are ready to prepare and continue classroom lessons and “on-the-ground” training.

Pre-Scheduled Maintenance

Why not implement a pre-scheduled maintenance program to keep your plant performing at its best over time?

Plant maintenance

Our engineers can arrange a detailed maintenance program for your plant, considering the necessary tuning actions and the need to replace any worn-out parts regularly.

Think about the advantages of avoiding unplanned outages.

Remote Assistance

Need support from a distance? This is now possible thanks to remote assistance.

Support from distance

All your team needs is a broadband connection and a portable device with a camera. With that, we can support your technicians in troubleshooting and tuning the systems.

Remote Supervision and Control

You don’t have the personnel to supervise the proper operation of your water or wastewater treatment plant? Don’t worry – we have a team that can do this for you remotely.

Plant remote supervision

With the correct implementation of sensors, analyzers, transmitters, and controllers, you can have your plant remotely supervised by highly experienced water specialists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The supervision software developed by Cannon Artes enables predictive control and maintenance, which is crucial in reducing energy and chemical consumption and avoiding unplanned outages because of equipment failures.

All data can be collected and stored securely in the cloud. Through easy and safe access, it’s possible to control all the main process parameters in real-time and take the necessary actions to preserve your plant’s performance.

Remote supervision can be included while designing a new system but can also be easily retrofitted to an existing one.