Cannon Artes is offering its Clients a fully integrated support for the activities on site.

Whether it be for supervision of mechanical installation, electrical or instrumental assembling, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, performance testing or to perform training activities to the client’s operators, Cannon Artes has skilled and experienced teams that can operate in the most diverse and challenging environments; from the freezing sites in Siberia to the hottest desert in Saudi Arabia, from the tropical climate in Indonesia to the stormy waters of the North Sea. Cannon Artes’ operators are in fact qualified also to operate Off-Shore.

In all these activities the attention to Health and Safety issues is always a focus for all Cannon Artes’ site operators.

Short notice for deployment of site personnel is also a success factor for Cannon Artes’ personnel when quick start-up of a system may condition the operability of an entire plant.

Availability of spare parts often conditions the operability of the most reliable system.

Thanks to a warehouse stocked with a wide range of spare parts, Cannon Artes can make available the most critical parts to its clients on extremely short notice.

Cannon Artes is also supporting its clients with the preparation of detailed lists of operational and capital spare parts containing recommendations based upon accurate evaluation of the “Mean Time Between Failures”

Moreover, interchangeability of spare parts allows the client to take advantage of the operability and performance of the system after a long run.

Cannon Artes is also making available to its clients the spare parts through the facilities of Cannon’s locations & Cannon Artes’ partners around the globe.

The complications of most Water Treatment systems is, in most cases, not very apparent when a new project is drafted. Only during detailed design all issues come to the surface. And at that time remedial work can be impossible, difficult, or simply, costly.

In particular during the Feasibility studies and the Front End Engineering, an accurate Process Design can be really crucial. In the early stages of a Project there is unfortunately a substantial lack of information on some subjects that cannot be checked until the plant is starting operation. A mistake at that stage may then heavily impact both the Capital expenditure and the Operating costs.

On the market since 1977, Cannon Artes’ engineers are available to be involved from the earliest stages. With the experience of hundreds of successful installations, an accurate preliminary design may really pave the way to a successful execution.

The performances of a water & waste water treatment plant are crucially depending upon successful commissioning & start-up.

Cannon Artes is offering its Clients a fully integrated commissioning support. Cannon Artes has in fact skilled and efficient commissioning teams that can operate in the most diverse and challenging environments. Competences include: process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation (including PLCs, DCSs).

In all these activities, the attention to Health and Safety is an undiminished focus for all Cannon Artes’ commissioning engineers.

Short notice for deployment of the commissioning team is also a success factor for Cannon Artes’ personnel when quick start-up of a system may condition the operability of an entire plant.

In the water & waste water treatment sector as well as in other industrial fields, the process plants often have to adapt to updated capacities, variations of chemical compositions, relocations, re-arrangements of lay-outs. Moreover, systems which have been installed decades ago, may need to undergo a substantial upgrading to meet the new environmental & safety standards.

Cannon Artes has a collection of experiences of revamping and rejuvenation of existing water & waste water treatment systems bringing state-of-the-art technologies into the existing plant. In such way water reuse, Zero liquid discharge, “energy-efficiency” and “Industry 4.0” are concepts that can be easily implemented into existing plants.

“I’ve never seen two identical water treatment plants”. This is a typical sentence that is very common with water treatment engineers.

Further, new technologies have been recently introduced to the market and the direct implementation of them into industrial plants can be seen as a risk for the End User.

In order to design a Water Treatment system which is really “fit-for-purpose” it is often necessary to have a pilot plant testing or some chemical and physical analysis, depending on the degree of confidence on the implemented technologies.

Cannon Artes’ R&D dept. is available to support the Customers in the implementation of the testing programs.

A Laboratory is available at Cannon Artes’ facilities. Pilot plants can also be provided for renting to demonstrate the operating performances.

Instrumentation, control and automation (ICA) is today an essential tool for an easy, reliable and safe operation of any water and wastewater plant.

When a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is implemented in a Factory, it is normally integrating also the water treatment packages. The SCADA is a control system architecture that uses computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management.

In water & waste water treatment applications Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). PLCs are used as peripheral devices because of their modularity and flexibility.

Thanks to the experience and skills of its staff of instrument engineers and software specialists, Cannon Artes is able to supply the most advanced automation solutions in plant management and Integration, including also remote control and remote management, user-friendly, robust and reliable Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), redundant hot-stand-by fail-safe PLCs.

Due to the long lasting relationship with first-ranking financial institutions, Cannon Artes can provide its Customers with “tailor-made” financing solutions for the execution of water & waste water treatment projects.