Thanks to its long tradition in the design and manufacturing of dedicated water treatment solutions  for boiler feeding, and to the tireless activity of its R&D department, Cannon Artes has developed a new technology for CO2 and O2 removal from boiler feedwater.
Cannon Artes’ ZeroGas “Spray Smart”  “integrated” deaerator is able to satisfy the needs of  customers -with a more compact solution.
The Spray Smart Deaerator’s main characteristic is the absence of a conventional vertical tower.
Dissolved gasses removal takes place in a dedicated section inside the drum.
Steam gets in contact with makeup water and condensate inside a particular pipe – special nozzles atomize the fluids to promote an intimate contact with steam.
Gasses are removed through a physical effect and a “scrubber” effect that happens inside the contact section.
Incondensable gasses are discharged through the vent.
Thanks to this new, more compact and streamline configuration, the installation is very easy considering that the package is supplied plug – in.
For these particular features this unit is the right solution for the revamping of existing boiler rooms.
All the deaerators can be managed by the control system already existing in the boiler room or can be supplied with a dedicated PLC,  that can be integrated in the factory SCADA system.

The strengths of this innovative solution are:

  • Compact design;
  • High performance (O2 concentration < 20 ppb without chemicals closing, respecting the limits required by fire tube boiler feeding regulations – EN – 12953 – 10: 2003) ;
  • High Energy Efficiency thanks to vent flow rate optimization;
  • Tailor made design, if required;
  • High Global reliability due to the quality of the pressure vessel manufacturing in accordance with main international standards.
  • Possibility to cover a wide capacity range.
Cannon Artes Zerogas Spray Smart