The necessity of implementing adequate depuration facilities for sanitary water is mandatory for any human community in order to reduce the spreading of infectious diseases borne by water and to reduce the impact of waste water on the environment. A large part of industrial and civil installations are located in remote and secluded areas, far from any drinking water distribution network.

Cannon Artes developed a wide experience in supplying package-type sewage treatment plants that could represent a valid solution for the following applications:

  • Oil & Gas installations, drilling facilities, off-shore platforms, pumping and compression stations, refineries, marine terminals
  • Working and construction camps
  • Resorts, Hotels, Campings
  • Military camps
  • Camps for refugees
  • Hospitals and health centres
  • Abattoirs – dairies – distilleries
  • Wine-making industry
  • Farming industry

Bioclar Process

Biological active sludge treatment removes pollutants present in the water to be purified by converting them into a fleecy, easily-separated bacterial suspension. Here, the large pollutant molecules are metabolised and broken down into inert feed substances by the aerobic activity of the bacteria present in the sludges. Cannon Artes designed an active sludge process called Bioclar, which is a great technological step forward compared to more conventional methods.

The water to be treated is aerated in an area where it is brought into contact with recycled active sludge, which then passes on to an oxygenation area, and then to sedimentation. The active sludges are continually re-aerated and recycled. The particular characteristics of this process are the high concentration of sludges and their re-aeration in the second stage, which improves their quality and the activity of the bacteria working on the substrate to be degraded. In these conditions, certain parameters in the sludges – such as hydraulic load and organic load – are higher than those in traditional plants, providing a depuration of more than 94% in terms of BOD5 and COD.

Cannon Artes is offering the market the Bioclar Process, both in compact, modular, easy-to-transport plants plants with metallic and concrete structures, that could be arranged in parallel to meet capacities from 10 to 50,000 equivalent users.


  • very modular and flexible in different types of running
  • competitive installation costs
  • low maintenance requirements
  • reagent consumption optimised
  • quick start-up
  • possibility of running in batch mode