A large part of industrial and civil installations are located in remote and secluded areas, far from any drinking water distribution network: off-shore platforms, pumping and compression stations, construction camps, hotels and resorts.

The package-type drinking-water makers are designed to treat sea, well or surface water removing bacteria, dissolved salts and suspended solids and to produce high quality water suitable for human consumption in compliance with World Health Organisation’s guidelines.

Cannon Artes is familiar with the design and fabrication of Drinking Water Makers installed in containers that enable the complete shop prefabrication, an excellent protection at site and during transportation, and the possibility to move the equipment to a different site when a camp is dismantled.

Thanks to the extremely wide range of Cannon Artes’ experience, Drinking Water makers can be customised according to the Client’s specific conditions: salinity of the inlet water, required capacity, level of automation and type of enclosure in which the plant is installed.