The necessity of implementing adequate depuration facilities for sanitary water is mandatory for any human community in order to reduce the spreading of water-borne diseases and reduce the impact of waste water on the environment.

Cannon Artes has developed a wide experience in supplying package-type sewage treatment plants for industrial and civil installations located in remote and secluded areas.

These plants are based on BIOCLAR proprietary technology.

In the “activated sludge” BIOCLAR system, the water to be treated is at first brought into contact with recycled activated sludge, then it passes on to an oxygenation area and then to sedimentation. The activated sludge is continually re-aerated and recycled. The particular characteristic of this process is the high concentration of sludge and the 2nd stage aeration, which improves the quality and the activity of the bacteria feeding on the substrate to be degraded. In these conditions an excellent depuration performance is achieved.

The BIOCLAR modular solution is also available with Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology combining clarification, aeration and filtration into a simple and compact more performing package.
In the MBR system the final gravity clarifier is replaced by the implementation of a membrane filtration unit. The use of membranes ensures the complete retention of suspended solids and leads to a considerable reduction of the amount of micro-organisms in the treated water. In addition, because of the high sludge concentration, a smaller volume for the aeration tank is required.

The MBR BIOCLAR finds extensive applications in civil and industrial waste water treatment and has been specifically designed to meet the most restrictive standards for discharge or reuse applications.

BIOCLAR solution can be also designed with Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) technology, when low footprint is required combined with a not so high performance. The advantages of these technologies are typical of adhered biomass plants (high resistance to organic and flow rate shocks high flexibility of the whole system).

Cannon Artes is offering the BIOCLAR Units as prefabricated, self-contained, metallic-type modules.

Even though the BIOCLAR series is offered in standard modules sized for up to 600 users, the capacity range of an entire plant can vary from 10 to 10,000 people.