Anaerobic treatment is a valid alternative to biodegradation in aerobic environment especially in industries with a significant amount of organic pollution and medium to large water flows.

In such kind of systems, longer carbon chains are degraded into methane as the basic constituent of biogas. The biogas produced in anaerobic digestion facilities can be used to replace energy derived from fossil fuels, and hence reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. With this process, waste water pollutants can be turned into useful methane that can come back inside production cycle or sold to energy providers.

Anaerobic systems are indicated also to speed up degradation process for “difficult” effluents, which could be too expensive to be treated with aerobic technologies.

Pressure from legislation on solid waste disposal methods in developed countries has increased the application of anaerobic digestion as a process for reducing waste volumes and generating useful by products.

According to customer necessity and effluent characteristics, Cannon Artes can design the anaerobic waste water treatment based on suspended growth or UASB process considering the advantages of choosing the best solution bearing in mind capital and operating cost.