Vacuum degassing is employed all times when either heating up of water is not allowed or when steam is not available as degassing media.

Cannon Artes’ ZEROGAS® Vacuum Deaerator is arranged on a vertical degassing tower incorporating a storage section.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are removed from the liquid phase by creating vacuum conditions. The reduction of the partial pressure in the gas phase is the driving force that moves dissolved oxygen into the gas phase. Vacuum is created into the degassing tower through the action of pumps with or without the assistance of additional air-driven ejectors. The water is fed to the top of the Degassing Tower and falls across metallic or plastic rings down to the storage tank.

Cannon Artes has a wide experience in supplying and commissioning vacuum degassers in the most demanding applications.

One of them is Injection Water Treatment, upstream in the oil sector. In most fields to keep crude oil flowing through the wells, sea water or river water must be pumped into the oil basin as “flooding water”. In order to prevent any bacteria proliferation in the oil basin, vacuum degassers are therefore used to reduce the concentration of oxygen down to negligible levels.

Vacuum Deaerator, Cannon Artes