04 Mar 2019

Cannon Artes has developed Zerogas Spray Smart, the compact deaerator for the CO2 and O2 removal from water.

Cannon Artes has developed a more compact solution for the removal of CO2 and O2 from the steam generator feed water: the Zerogas Spray Smart integrated degasser, where the stripping takes place in a dedicated section inside the storage tank itself.

The small size makes this new degasser lighter, easier to install, to be implemented with plug-in and to be maintained.

Moreover, thanks to the dedicated PLC, it is possible to integrate the machine into an existing system, monitoring its performance and making it interact with the steam generator.

Cannon Artes Zerogas Spray Smart solution is the result of years of experience in design and construction of systems for the treatment of thermal circuit waters, and of the commitment to research and development of innovative solutions.

To learn more about features and benefits of Zerogas Spray Smart visit the dedicated section on this website, or send us an email to salesartes@cannon.com