14 Jun 2019

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Cannon Artes strengthens its presence in Iraq by contributing to a major crude oil extraction plant expansion in partnership with a primary Chinese EPC contractor

The facility that exploit one of Iraq’s main hydrocarbon reservoirs will expand its production over the next two years, doubling it by the end of 2020.

A major Chinese EPC contractor, awarded for this expansion project, has chosen Cannon Artes for the supply of new water treatment plants intended to satisfy the increased water needs for utilities, such as firefighting or cooling systems, and for crude oil processing.

A surface water treatment will be installed in order to treat the raw water sourced from a nearby river. A chemical-physical primary treatment of clariflocculation allows the removal of suspended solids, organic, iron and other pollutants present into the water.

Then two twin Water Intake Systems (WIS), which include submerged ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis processes, ensure a deeper cleaning of the water and a continuous regulation of its salinity. The latter, in fact, varies according to the season: the reverse osmosis treatment on a partial stream of ultrafiltered water guarantees a constant salinity suitable for industrial use. Compared to a traditional pressurized ultrafiltration, the Submerged Ultrafiltration technology (SUF), besides permitting an extremely effective removal of suspended solids, allows considerable area savings: in fact, the SUF technology can work with much higher suspended solids load than traditional UF, which allows in this specific case to optimize the overall process avoiding a space intensive pre-treatment step of pressurized filtration. An important advantage when implementing brownfield projects, where the space optimization is mandatory.

The water used for the crude oil processing in the central process facility will be also treated with a Vacuum Deaeration package, composed of a Vacuum Deaerator designed with Cannon Artes ZeroGas proprietary technology, in order to remove dissolved oxygen, and a conditioning system for scale and corrosion inhibition.

In addition to the supply of equipment for industrial water treatment, Cannon Artes will provide two reverse osmosis plants for the potabilization of water for human consumption for the inhabitants of the villages in the nearby, as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility plan of the expansion project.