27 Jul 2018



On May 3rd, ANIMP, Italian Association of Industrial Plant Engineering, presented the new “Packages section” of which Cannon Artes is within the “Steering Committee”.

Packages are functional modules composed by machines and electro-instrumental components; these modules can reach significant dimensions and a relevant complexity level. For this reason, their design, production and installation have specific features that make the companies of this sector very similar to an EPC contractor company.

On May 3rd, the new Packages Section, the spin-off the Plant Component Section of Animp, was presented in Milan. The purpose of the section is to present the sector of producers, assemblers and suppliers of packages.
ANIMP is the Italian Association of Industrial Plant Engineering, representing the whole sector.

The new “ Packages section” was born from the fundamental need to give a voice to this important sector, with a strong international vocation – 80% of turnover comes from export – a vocation that ANIMP is going to support, promoting the visibility on the international market through project that foster the meeting of Italian suppliers of packages and buyers (EPC and END Users) in a simple and quick way.

The Italian packages suppliers, account for 30% of the global market, worth around 11.9 billion euros; therefore they play an important role in the worldwide packages industry.

The results of the studies and all the reflection on this new sector have been recorder in the publication n° 3 of the “Impiantistica Italiana”, sector magazine which can be viewed by clicking here.

Cannon Artes has just joined the ANIMP Packages Section steering committee and will bring the experience since the company is specialized in engineering and manufacturing of water & wastewater turnkey treatment plants.