05 Sep 2019

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Water is an important element in all food processes: it is an ingredient for the preparation of beverages and food products, the most important media for cleaning and sterilization of equipment and processing plants, and an unavoidable source in the utilities when heating, cooling and power generation are required.

For each of these applications, water have to be specifically treated, in order to suit the different uses and to comply with the demanding standards.

Furthermore, the global attention to wastewater handling before disposal is increasing and the limitations on polluting effluents are becoming more stringent. Food Industry is thus reducing the consumption of raw materials in their production processes starting with containing of water use improving the whole process chain and utilizing the most advanced technologies for water reuse.

Cannon Artes has developed several solutions for every client’s severe specific requests concerning drinking water treatment, process water treatment and effluent water treatment. All the projects are developed taking care about sustainability.

Efficiency of production, water scarcity and reducing environmental impact are right reasons to keep implementing water reuse.

The company has given a strong impulse to the development of all the different technologies involved in water reuse: membranes, in particular, allow for the biggest leap forward. Microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) significantly remove bacteria fungi and suspended solids while Reverse Osmosis (RO) allows complete deionization and re-use of the permeate, even for steam generation. The concentrate stream from RO can be fully recovered when RO is coupled with an Evaporation crystallizer within a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) scheme.

Cannon Artes’ long-term experience with Food & Beverage industries, allows the company to support customers in the right choice.

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