12 Dec 2020

Treating waste water is essential for companies in the paper sector, but requires expertise and experience. To a well-known Romanian paper mill, Cannon Artes has provided a customized solution based on a double treatment step.

The massive use of water resources in the paper industry is ruled by various European regulations governing its flow management, parameter monitoring and technologies to be adopted in order to reduce pollutants in surface waste water. The water discharged downstream of the process contains suspended cellulosic particles, BOD, COD and chlorinated organic substances that have to be eliminated.

In this regard, the limits of pollutants already established by the regulations become even more stringent in the event that it is not possible to be connected to the consortium drainage networks, but it is necessary to discharge into the surface water body.

Cannon Artes per il riutilizzo: Impianto biologico con tecnologia MBR e flottatore ad aria disciolta

For this reason, but also for the strong sensitivity of the sector to issues related to sustainability, it is of the main importance for companies in the paper industry to treat waste water deriving from production processes. On the topic, the same regulations also establish the adoption of BAT (Best Available Technologies) in order to comply with the pollution limits for waste water.

Managing water resources in the paper industry therefore, requires great competence and experience that Cannon Artes has developed in more than fifty years of activity in process and waste water sector. Precisely for this reason, the company was chosen by a well-known Romanian paper mill to deal with the wastewater treatment of a paper production plant under construction.

Following a careful study of the problems submitted by the Customer, of the characteristics of processes wastes and of the parameters to be respected at the discharge, Cannon Artes has provided a solution based on a double treatment step: a dissolved gas flotation system (DGF), followed by a biological treatment with MBR technology.

The characteristics of the paper mill wastewater require a pre-treatment for the removal of suspended substances and for the reduction of the inorganic load entering the biological compartment. The solution with MBR technology proposed guarantees the best performance in terms of removal of pollutants from waste water (without the use of tertiary treatments), the minimization of the volume of sludge to be disposed, the consequent optimization of operating costs and a significant reduction in overall dimensions.

The long-term experience of Cannon Artes in the use of membranes, combined with the close collaboration with one of the major global suppliers of ultrafiltration membranes, has allowed to study a winning solution that convinced the client to choose the Cannon Group company as a partner for this ambitious project.

The design proposed by Cannon Artes represents the best solution for the paper sector, particularly sensitive to processes sustainability and therefore particularly attentive both to the continuous improvement of the quality of the discharged waste, and to the need to reuse the water resource.