02 Mar 2021
Cannon Artes 3D plant for L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd

Cannon Artes successfully delivered to the site, the water & waste water treatment packages awarded by L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd at the beginning of 2020

Under the contract by L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd., Cannon Artes delivered produced water treatment packages, desalination and potabilization systems and sewage treatment units to Sonatrach’s South West Gas Field Project. This Project concerns the Central Processing Facilities of three different sites in the Adrar province: Hassi Ba Hamou, Hassi Tidjrane and Tinerkouk Fields.

The packages were engineered and manufactured with a “fast-track” procedure at Cannon Artes’ Oliveto Citra factory in Italy. Further to the tight schedule that Cannon Artes was able to keep, the Project had two other significant constraints:

  • High modularization to avoid/reduce site assembly works
  • Limited available space

Enrico Amato, Lead Project Engineer in charge of the SWGF Project explains how Cannon Artes achieved the above requirements:

“For the Produced Water Packages, the second step of oil reduction have been arranged on two CFUs (Compact Floatation Unit) instead of bulkier IGF/CPI which are generally used in similar onshore applications. The CFU is a solution Cannon Artes had the opportunity to test in offshore installations and, as it works under pressure, the overall footprint can be reduced.

In addition, the entire package has been assembled in one single compact skid while not compromising accessibility to valves and pumps, fundamental for safe operation.

For the Waste Water Packages, Cannon Artes performed the preassembly work before shipment and a trial fit-up in the factory between the tank and the pipes around it to ensure a correct and smooth installation at site.

For the Desalination and Potable Water packages, compactness has been achieved by stacking the Reverse Osmosis vessels, in vertical array on two trains, with the relevant pumps at the edge of the skid. In addition, the chemical skid has been provided with its own self drained drip pan in order to avoid the provision of a curbed area which would have needed at least 30% more space around the skid.

All the above has been possible through a strict and proactive collaboration with the Client, LTHE”

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering is an engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction company providing integrated “design to build” solutions to the entire Hydrocarbon Industry. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Limited, a USD 20+ Billion technology, engineering, construction, projects, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate.

Sonatrach is the national state-owned oil company of Algeria. Founded in 1963, it is known today to be the largest company in Africa with 154 subsidiaries, and often referred as the first African oil “major”.

Cannon Artes packages for L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd