22 Aug 2018



Two important orders in the offshore sector pave the way for the first Cannon Artes participation at ONS in Norway.

At ONS in Stavanger, Norway, that will take place on Aug. 27-30, 2018, our sales team will have a great opportunity to display two milestone projects just secured.

In Australia Cannon Artes has just been awarded a Produced Water Treatment Plant that will be installed on a platform sitting about 190 kilometers from the Western Australian shore. Completely prefabricated into a single module, the produced water treatment will manage water separated from the other produced fluids in order to make water fit for discharge. The core technology is Induced Gas Flotation.

Cannon Artes has also been awarded, in June 2018, another important Project for an offshore platform in Congo. The scope is again a complete Produced Water Treatment that incorporates desanding and deoiling hydrocyclones, very effective and lightweight technologies to remove solids and suspended solids from produced water in order to allow discharge overboard in absence of environmental concerns.

These projects, combined with another one just commissioned offshore in the Norwegian continental shelf, once again demonstrate the commitment, dedication and experience of Cannon Artes in the Offshore Oil & gas market, ranking the company among the most sought-after partners in the sector.

Offshore projects for Cannon Artes