We’ve compared Cannon Artes’ MBR and MBBR solutions. Find out which one is best for your process.

Reusing waste and byproducts is increasingly a strategic choice for paper mills. In addition to reducing the environmental impact of paper production, choosing to be sustainable for you means optimizing resources, reducing costs, and improving competitiveness.

And, in terms of water resources reuse, wastewater treatment requires specific technical skills and great experience. Even choosing the most suitable cannot be left to chance and depends on several factors, such as the production process, the desired quality, and the characteristics of the incoming effluent.

We know this well, and we have developed MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) and MBBR (Moving-Bed-Bio-Reactor) solutions to meet your every need.


It is the most advanced process in the aerobic biological treatment of wastewater. It guarantees the best performance in terms of effluent quality.

This solution reduces sludge production and associated operating costs.


It is the primary process in the family of “hanging cultures” and allows managing even high pollutant loads.

This solution guarantees a good quality of the output water.

Are you looking for an effluent treatment for your production process? Would you like to know more about Cannon Artes MBR and MBBR solutions?

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