Lete is a historic brand whose first appearance on the beverage markets dates back to 1893 when the Lete Company began to bottle mineral water.

In 1906 the company obtained its first international awards and, through constant and profitable word of mouth, the reputation of Acqua Lete grew more and more.

From 1960 the market began to grow and the company entrusted the production to the first automatic bottling plants to respond to the constant demands. In this development perspective, Lete made winning business choices acquiring advanced technologies that worked in synergy with its quality and organizational efficiency.

Fast forward to recent times, Lete Spa changed its name to Società Generale delle Acque Minerali SpA (SGAM SpA). Through wise investments in new technologies, it focused on modernity anticipating the demands of the beverage market by providing consumers with easy to carry and use containers.

Impianto Lete - Cannon Artes

The company has recently focused on technological and organizational modernization.

With this objective, for the Pratella (CE) plant, Lete selected Cannon Artes for the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant that would guarantee compliance with the stringent parameters for discharging into the surface water body.

Cannon Artes designed a biological wastewater treatment plant with MBR membrane technology for this purpose. The modular system was made entirely of stainless steel at the Cannon Artes factory and supplied on a turnkey basis.

Cannon Artes’ technical staff proceeded to start up the plant, until the required performance. In addition to the oxidation tank and the MBR module, the scope of supply included all the equipment necessary for correct operation: blowers, chemical dosages for washing, nitrogen, and phosphorus to balance the nutrient ratio and a PLC that would allow remote control of the process and local management of the plant.

The choice of treatment fell on the MBR technology solution for two fundamental reasons: reduce the overall footprint (due to the layout constraints) and ensure the best possible quality of the treated effluent. This request derives from the customer’s attention to environmental issues and its commitment to preserve and respect the territory in which it operates and is actively present in the community.

MBR biological plants represent an advantageous solution for wastewater treatment in the food and beverage industry as it allows to obtain excellent standards quality, in line with the most stringent requirements for the reuse of wastewater. The plant supplied by Cannon Artes contributes to the precious success of Lete which is one of the most important Italian business realities in the beverage sector.