12 Oct 2020
Cannon Artes Zerogas Spray Smart

Cannon Artes, from the very beginning, supports main operators of the pulp and paper market in choosing the best solutions for water treatment of steam generation. This is one of the main and engaging challenges for Cannon Artes, considering that the Holdings of the market put a lot of attention in the sustainability and energy efficiency of its activities.

The Company has a long tradition in the design and manufacture of water treatment packages for this application: condensate treatment, demineralization system and its Zerogas thermophysical deaerator.

Zerogas ® deaerator is the perfect solution for gasses removal even in critical processes. Cannon Artes has developed a new model of “integrated” deaerator”, Zerogas® Spray Smart. The main characteristic of this “Spray smart Deaerator” is the absence of the traditional vertical tower. Gasses removal occurs in a dedicated section inside the drum. Cannon Artes has supplied one unit to a big Belgian Group involved in the production of “corrugated cardboard” for one of its manufacturing centers in Norway.

The main advantages of this solution are compact design, low O2 content after process and high energy efficiency (due to vent flow rate reduction). Cannon Artes’ philosophy is to provide tailor made solutions to meet customer’s needs with packages fully integrated in the boiler room and in the whole architecture of the factory. As such, Cannon Artes represents the ideal partner for all those Companies of the sector in search of a reliable partner capable of supplying specific solutions for their requirements.

This article has been published on Papnews, September edition.