08 Jul 2019

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In Industrial Plant (ANIMP), Cannon Artes presents the water treatment system installed into the Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertiliser plant

Turkmenistan’s economy is built on gas: the Country is the 4th in the world in estimated gas reserves, accounting for about the 10% of the global reserves. One of the main employments of this huge gas availability is the petrochemical industry: in particular, Turkmenistan’s Government is expanding the production of fertilizers to ensure the food security of the Country.

The Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertiliser plant (TGF), developed by Turkmenhimiya (the chemical state-owned company), is among the first new mineral fertilizer production complexes centered around a huge ammonia plant.

Located near the Caspian Sea, the plant, developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, guarantees 700 full-time jobs for a daily production of 2,000 tons of ammonia and 3,500 tons of urea. Gas is the feedstock of the plants: one billion cubic meters will be used annually.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries chooses Cannon Artes as partner for the design, manufacturing and installation of the water treatment facilities involved in Garabogaz Fertiliser plant. The water treatment plant, commissioned at the beginning of 2018, was installed in a 10.000 sqm building: 170 meters long and 60 meters wide. Here, all the water treatment processing units are collected, composing a high performing fully integrated system.

Fresh water is taken from the Caspian Sea and has to be treated to provide different utilities: pre-treatment, desalination, demineralization and condensate polishing processes make water of the requested quality.

Also waste water coming from the process is treated and reused: waste water treatment plant, included in Cannon Artes’ supply for TGF, collect all the waste streams from the process, the rain water and the sewage, and, after being treated, uses them as part of the feedstock to the process water.

The raw and process water treatments are integrated with the waste water treatments to reduce water consumption of the overall system.

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