28 Jul 2020

Cannon Artes has recently reinforced its presence in Far East Asia through the acquisition of several important contracts. Gained against the most qualified competitors worldwide, these jobs will provide state-of-the-art water treatment plants to a range of different major industries in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Bio refining and Power Generation fields.

Ultrapure water in Bangladesh

A large water treatment plant has been awarded in 4Q 2019 for a leading producer of fertilisers near Dacca, the capital city of Bangladesh.

The plant targeted to the production of ultrapure water for the synthesis of ammonia includes different sections and technologies: raw water treatment, demineralization, condensate polishing and neutralization of spent regeneration chemicals.

Cannon Artes stronger in Asia

A complete waste water treatment for suspended solids and heavy metal removal

The Power Plant of Cirebon, in Indonesia, required the modernisation of their fumes treatment section, in particular the Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD).

The FGD system converts sulphur dioxide from the flue gases into water-dissolved sulphate ions by scrubbing the gas with a lime/water solution. The blow down from this circuit required a waste water treatment plant capable to treat the spent solution.

Cannon Artes supplied a complete waste water treatment plant designed to deal with a high-suspended-solids slurry and to manage the removal of heavy metals, nitrogen and fluoride ions.

The plant is currently being erected  and will be commissioned by Cannon Artes personnel in the 3Q 4Q 2020.

Bio-fuels production in Singapore

The production of bio-fuels starting from vegetable oils implies a refining process that generates polluted waste water. Cannon Artes has been awarded in 2019 a complete waste water treatment plant to cater the needs of one of the world’s biggest bio-fuel manufacturers for their plant in Singapore.

In particular the Membrane BioReactor (MBR) Technology, combining a very efficient biological oxidation with the water quality coming from membrane separation, is particularly fitting the needs of this small Asian country where the environmental regulations are very strict.

Water and waste water treatment for chemical industry

A complete waste water treatment solution was supplied in Thailand to a Japanese producer of fine chemicals. For their factory in the Rayong State they required both a water treatment and a waste water treatment plant, to provide a stable flow of clean water to their process and to comply with the latest regulations in terms of liquid effluents.

Cannon Artes supplied a complete solution, including Air flotation, MBBR biological oxidation and sludge dehydration. The plant has been awarded in 4Q 2019 and is due to be installed later in 2020.

A complex bespoke solution for Ethylene production line

A major Petrochemical complex in Vietnam, demanded a waste water treatment plant for their Ethylene production line.

Cannon Artes studied a bespoke solution for this problem, providing a treatment plant that includes Deoiling on Coalescing Plates Interceptors and Dissolved Air Flotation, Biological Oxidation and Sludge Dehydration.

The whole plant is going to be delivered in the 3Q 2020 and will be commissioned early in 2021.

The wide difference among the mentioned industries determines a very high level of complexity in carrying on all these major plants at the same time.

For the site services Cannon Artes will count on the local assistance of Cannon Far East, the Group Company that now distributes and assists the whole range of Cannon’s Energy and Water Treatment technologies.


At the end of the day even the Asian Customers, ranging from refineries to bio-refineries, from petrochemicals to power plants can appreciate Cannon Artes’ broad designing and manufacturing capacity grown in half a century and coupled with the notorious Italian flexibility.