13 Jul 2018



On 10th of May 2018, Cannon Artes was invited to attend the convention organized in Padua by Cannon Bono Energia, about “High Efficiency and Industry 4.0 – Tools to Increase the Competitiveness of the Company”.

Alessio Liati representing Cannon Artes, Livio de Chicchis from FIRE ( Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy), Luigi Parodi and Fiorenzo Rainone from EGO Power, Marco Fantoni and Alessandro Mancini of Cannon Automata, Mario Caporali and Andrea Castiglioni of Cannon Bono Energia intervened during the convention.

In the suggestive location of the historic Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua, several themes were dealt with that caught the attention of all the present: Cannon Artes, Cannon Automata and Cannon Bono Energia focused their attention on issues relating to the benefits that the application of a “smart” technology can involve, for both energy saving and environmental impact.

The intervention proposed by Cannon Artes was focused on the importance of the reuse of industrial waste water, in a perspective of industry 4.0. The theme, which met the public’s interest, moved from  ISTAT sources and studies related to environmental sustainability certifications. Such certifications are in fact mainly based on pillars such as: the reduction of CO2,  waste production and in particular water consumption. Cannon Artes’ speech also illustrated specific experience of water re-use in different industrial sectors including Oil & Gas  and  Food & Beverages.

It also emerged that automation can be a real plus when it regards efficiency improvement, offering a valid contribution in the control and management of industrial processes. Cannon Artes, with its “in-house” competence of automation and control, is definitely the right partner for that.

The “High Efficiency and Industry 4.0” conference was an important moment of meeting and discussion, of active exchange with specialists of this sector, with whom we shared doubts, ideas, questions and answers, with the aim of identifying possible paths to be followed in the future of Energy Efficiency, Industry 4.0 and reuse of industrial waters.