19 Dec 2019

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The oil giant Saudi Aramco, listed a few days ago on the stock exchange with the largest ever initial public offering, has chosen the experience and reliability of Cannon Artes

A collaboration that began almost fifteen years ago and then strengthened, since 2016, when Cannon Artes officially entered the oil company vendor list.

In the latest years, Cannon Artes has been committed in two important Saudi Aramco’s projects in Saudi Arabia. The first, awarded in 2016 and installed into the Khurais onshore oil field (the second biggest oil field in Saudi Arabia), consists in the supply of a cogeneration condensate polishing unit to treat boilers condensate. This treatment allows the removal of hydrocarbons through coalescer and granular activated carbon filters, and ion removal through mixed bed polishers.

More recently, Cannon Artes provided calcite filters for a recovered water treatment plant based on chemical conditioning and remineralization for the Fadhili sulphur recovery plant: wastewater coming from a Sour Water Stripper passes through a biological treatment, a clarification and a filtration system. Cannon Artes’ calcite filters are then used in order to achieve the optimal level of calcium ion: the resultant water feed the circuit of the evaporative cooling towers.

Other projects now in progress with Saudi Aramco concern the supply of vacuum degassing package, ion-exchange demineralization system and several disinfections systems.

Cannon Artes water treatment for Saudi Aramco

Source: Saudi Aramco