17 Sep 2018

Cannon Artes  delivered a Sea Water Filtration Package to Tengiz for TCO’s  “Future Growth Project”: one of the most challenging Projects in Kazakhstan

The “Future Growth Project” is the second project developed by Tengizchevroil (TCO) that is a Kazakhstani partnership which explores, develops, produces and markets crude oil, gas and other petroleum products.
Discovered in 1979, Tengiz is one of the world’s largest developed oilfields and the largest producing oilfield in Kazakhstan. Located in a remote area of the Western Kazakhstan, the entire Tengiz oilfield area, including the smaller Korolev field, is estimated to contain 750 million to 1.1 billion tonnes of recoverable oil.
TCO has operated in this Area since 1993 providing benefits to Kazakhstan maximizing the use of local goods, services and local workforce.

As the main equipment will be fabricated far away from the site, in Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy, a modularization philosophy has been applied with equipment pre-assembled into large modules for transportation to Tengiz for final assembly.  For this reason a dedicated marine channel is being built to allow the modules-transporting barges to reach the site. This portion is called Cargo Transportation Route, in brief CaTRo.

Cannon Artes, in partnership with Gateway, a Kazakhi trusted fabricator and supplier of services and industrial products to the Oil and Gas industry, has been selected for an important package within the scope of the CaTRo Project. Artes supplied a sea water filtration system based on self cleaning filters.

Material selection was tough considering the corrosion effect of the high-salinity water coming from the Caspian Sea. Furthermore the climatic conditions in Kazakhstan are also extreme with temperatures ranging from -40 C in winter  to +50 C in summer. Because of such conditions the filtration system had to be installed into an HVAC Container  also fitted with a dedicated control unit, a power distribution panel and the firefighting system.
Such self-standing containerized system was designed and manufactured by Cannon Artes in its Oliveto Citra Factory in Italy.

Once again, Cannon Artes has proved the ability to deal with “complex” international projects located in the most remote and extreme areas: a proof of Artes’ experience and  ability in the field of customized solutions for water treatment.