The textile industry is an extensive water user. Water is in fact used for a range of operations including bleaching of raw materials (wool, cotton, silk, etc.), for dyeing and for steam generation.

Cannon Artes gained extensive experience throughout more than 30 years in providing solutions for specific water treatment issues related to the Textile Industry. Furthermore Cannon Artes developed important solutions in the waste water treatment from the textile industry with the goal to minimise the environmental impact and maximise the recovery of wastewater.

In particular such solutions allow to reach:

  • Lower costs with civil works;
  • Reduced water consumption;
  • Re-use of water coming from the spent dye baths;
  • Highest performance with the decolorization of treated water

Cannon Artes’ solutions cover the following applications:

  • Desalination & Water Treatment
  • ZeroGas® Deaerators
  • Demineralisation Plants (Reverse Osmosis and Ion-exchange type)
  • Hydraback® Cooling Water filtration –
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Sanitary water treatment
  • Waste water re-use & Zero Liquid Discharge