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Pharma & Cosmetics

Compendial water has to respect strict international regulations. Different degrees of water quality are required, including Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI).
Water is essential for its widespread use in utility feeding and as a cleaning agent. Reliable and high-performing plants are paramount, especially considering the rules in place.
Complex pharmaceutical processes generate a significant quantity of wastewater rich in different pollutants (organic compounds and volatile organic compounds, solvents, nutrients, and micropollutants). Wastewater treatment is, therefore, one of this market’s biggest challenges.


medicine, APIs, intermediates and cosmetics


fermentation, natural extraction, chemical synthesis, and formulating operations


cGMP, USP, PhEur



Product Portfolio


For optimal operation, all wastewater treatment plants require equalization and screening. The FlotArt® dissolved air flotation system is designed to reduce the solid and organic load.

Biological plants

  • EmbioArt® MBR Biological Plants are an evolved form of conventional biological activated sludge treatment
  • MBBR Biological Plants are the next step forward in adherent culture technologies
  • Activated Sludge Extended Aeration Plants are a remarkable achievement in water purification

Micropollutant removal

Micropollutants are persistent biological or chemical compounds that require specific removal processes.

  • Activated Carbon (AC) filtration must be designed considering pollutant quality and concentration to ensure performance and operational optimization
  • Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) uses highly reactive hydroxyl radicals to degrade and eliminate recalcitrant compounds, surfactants, and phenols. It encompasses various processes that employ different oxidants and sometimes catalysts

Effluent Reuse and Zero Liquid Discharge

Wastewater reuse, minimum liquid discharge (MLD), and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) have come together to improve ESG performance, reduce water footprint, and improve quality of discharged water. Read more

Process water

Process water can be obtained through multiple technologies, such as filtration, membrane processes, clariflocculation, softening/demineralization, and heavy metal removal. Read more

Boiler-feeding water

Supplying treated water with the correct quality allows for maintaining optimal steam generation for pharmaceutical processes. Read more


Our ZeroGas Spray & Tray and ZeroGas Spray Smart technologies are fully assembled packages that ensure dissolved oxygen levels in accordance with the most stringent regulations.