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Water quality in the Pharmaceutical industry is particularly critical due to the strict international standards in place. Different degrees of water quality are required in the Pharma Industry, such as Purified Water (PW), Highly Purified Water, and Water for Injection (WFI). In addition, particular attention must be paid to plant design, material selection, and manufacturing processes.
Water is essential not only as “Process Fluid” but also for its widespread use in utility feeding. For this reason, reliable and high-performing plants are of paramount importance.
The complex pharmaceutical processes generate a significant quantity of wastewater rich in different pollutants (COD, BOD, solvents, and micro pollutants) that require specific treatments before discharge. Wastewater treatment is, therefore, one of the biggest challenges in this market.

Product Portfolio

Desalination & Raw Water Pre-Treatment

Water at plant sites can often be drawn from seas, lakes, or rivers and is, in most cases, often unsuitable even for less demanding users. Treatment is mandatory and can be challenging. Read more.


Target the production of Pure Water and Ultra-Pure Water. Read more.


Removal of dissolved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) from process water or boiler feed water is accomplished through vacuum, thermophysical, or membrane deaeration processes. Read more.

Effluent Water Treatment

Our solution is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical sector, where the most appropriate selection of technologies coupled with maximum plant flexibility is mandatory to cope with the variability of flow rates and composition of the discharges. Read more.

AOP processes

Are increasingly used to remove particular families of pollutants from wastewater. Cannon Artes has consolidated experience in the supply of AOP solutions dedicated to the specific needs of its clients. Read more.

Wastewater Reuse and Zero Liquid Discharge

Requests are increasing for all industries, aiming to reduce environmental impact and increase sustainability. Read more.

Thanks to our R&D Structure, our team at Cannon Artes can support customers in all activities, from lab-scale tests to the realization of full-scale industrial plants.