The Pulp & Paper industry is among the most intensive industrial water users. Pulp & paper mills produce large volumes of waste water and residual sludge. In such conditions wastewater treatment, discharge, and sludge disposal (when it cannot be reused) are critical issues.

Due to the high quantity of water necessary for paper production, water treatment for reuse is one of the main targets of Major Companies involved in this market, that are very attentive to the environmental impact.


According to the process and the final product (tissue, cardboard or special paper) contaminants are different and could include suspended solids (fibers, minerals, colloids) chlorinated organic compounds, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD). Effluent Treatment options include solids and particulate separation by clarification, principally Flottation, with DAF system (Dissolved Air Flottation) and secondary biological treatment (aerobic or anaerobic) for removing biodegradable organic matter. Aerobic treatment could be carried out using different processes like MBR, MBBR and Extended Aeration. The design of the best solution has to take into account many issues (inlet/outlet effluent characteristics, available space, opex and others).

MBR systems allow to guarantee high quality of the treated water. For other biological processes, tertiary treatment such as membrane filtration, UV disinfection and granular activated carbon could be necessary to reach the requested quality suitable for discharge or re-use.

Anaerobic treatments are important alternatives considering the possibility to easily treat recalcitrant pollutants and to produce biogas (moreover in the countries where alternative power production grant access to financial aids).

Water is essential and crucial for pulp & paper production. For this reason  water treatment packages for the inlet water have to be reliable and able to respect all conditions. The same applies to the package (demineralization and deaerators) used for the utilities feeding

Thanks to its 40 years of experience on the market, Cannon Artes is capable of proposing advanced treatment technologies targeted to water reuse and resource recovery in the Pulp & Paper business.

Cannon Artes’ solutions cover the following applications:

  • Effluent Treatment
  • Waste water re-use & Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Desalination & Water Treatment
  • ZeroGas® Deaerators
  • Demineralisation Plants(Reverse Osmosis and Ion-exchange type)
  • Hydraback® Cooling Water filtration
  • Sanitary water treatment

Case history

Pulp & Paper – Italy

One of Cannon Artes’ most significant supplies was a complete water treatment plant for Cartiere del Polesine; an important Pulp & Paper Company located in north-west Italy, present on the market since more than 60 years.