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Oil & Gas

Water is critical for the production of oil & gas. Water is pulled out with oil from the reservoirs and injected into the reservoirs to keep oil flowing.
Cannon Artes has several decades of experience providing solutions for specific water treatment issues related to the upstream sector.

Product Portfolio

Produced Water Treatment

Water is treated to separate it from crude oil and gas, and can be used in both onshore and offshore applications. Read more.

Injection Water Treatment

Water is a crucial element to enhance the recovery of crude oil through injection. To ensure its quality, the water must be filtered, deoxygenated, and go through biociding treatment to be used in different installations. Read more.


Sea or river water is deoxygenated using ZeroGas Deaerator technology, preventing bacteria proliferation in the oil basin. This technology reduces the concentration of oxygen down to negligible levels. Read more.

Oily Water Treatment

To remove oil and grease contaminants containing different physical and chemical properties from water, our team has developed specific solutions to reuse or discharge it. Read more.

Sanitary Water Treatment

Adequate depuration facilities for sanitary water at onshore and offshore installations are mandatory in order to reduce the spread of water-borne disease and wastewater’s impact on the environment. Read more.

Drinking Water Production

Through the use of package solutions, issues related to drinking water can be addressed in both onshore and offshore installations. Read more.

Case histories