Water is strictly related to the production of Oil & Gas. Water comes out with oil from the reservoirs and water is injected into the reservoirs to keep oil flowing.

Cannon Artes has gained extensive experience throughout several decades in providing solutions for specific water treatment issues related to the Upstream sector.

The following are the most frequent water issues.

  • Produced Water Treatment, onshore & offshore. Treatment of water separated from crude oil and gas.
  • Injection Water treatment . Onshore & offshore Water is a key issue to enhance recovery of crude oil.
  • Vacuum Deaerators based on ZeroGas Deaerator® technology for deoxygenation of the injection water
  • Oily Water treatment. Cannon Artes can provide specific solutions to address the removal of oil from water.
  • Sanitary Water Treatment, onshore & offshore. Package type solutions.
  • Drinking Water Makers. onshore & offshore. Package type solutions.

Cannon Artes’ experiences in the Oil & Gas Upstream Sector cover Oil Production and Treatment, Gas Extraction, Gas treatment, Pipelines, Compression stations.

Case history

Oil & Gas – Abu Dhabi

Cannon Artes supplied an Offshore oil platform in Abu Dhabi with a complete produced water treatment plant.

Oil & Gas – Baltic Sea

Cannon Artes has provided a water injection plant to the largest Polish Oil Company for one of their offshore extraction sites in the Baltic Sea.