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Mining & Steel

Water treatment is a crucial topic in the mining & steel industry as a sector that is among the most intensive water users. This is particularly true of mineral extraction, smelters, steel-makers, and galvanic industries.
Thanks to an extensive experience in fully customized solutions for specific water treatment issues designed to reuse as much water as possible, we offer a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions.

Product Portfolio

Desalination & Water Treatment

Water at plant sites can often be drawn from seas, lakes, or rivers and is, in most cases, often unsuitable even for less demanding users. Treatment is mandatory and can be challenging. Read more.

Effluent Water Treatment

The removal of heavy metals, solid particles, and sludge is a challenging goal that you can achieve by relying on our significant experience. We know how to handle the variability of flow and chemical compositions. Water Reuse is now entirely feasible and is a must for all clients to reduce their water footprint and increase sustainability. Read more.

Cooling Water Treatment

This technology finds wide application when evaporative cooling towers are employed. Read more.


Target the production of high-purity water. Removal of dissolved solids can be achieved via membrane or ion-exchange technologies. Read more.


Removal of dissolved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) from process water or boiler feed water is accomplished through vacuum or thermophysical deaeration processes. Read more.