Water treatment is a crucial issue in the Mining & Steel industry as this sector is among the most intensive users of water. This is valid in particular for the mineral extraction, for smelters, steel-makers and the galvanic industries. Water quality could be different according to the specific application and a different water treatment process will be required

Cannon Artes has developed experience providing solutions for specific water treatment issues related to the Mining & Steel Manufacturing Industry.

Considering the large quantity of water used for different purposes, moreover in Steel Factories, the pertinent waste water treatment is designed with the aim to reuse as much water as possible inside the work chain.

Specifically for the Mining & Steel Industry Cannon Artes is able to propose a portfolio of cutting edge solutions:

  • Desalination & Water treatment. Water at plant sites can often be drawn just from the sea, lakes or rivers and is not suitable even for the less demanding users. Treatment is mandatory and can be a challenging job.
  • Effluent Water Treatment. Cannon Artes’ solutions are in particular addressing the mining sector, smeltering processes, steel mills, rolling mills. Removal of heavy metals as well as solid particles and sludge is often a challenging goal.
  • Sanitary Water Treatment and Drinking Water Makers. By means of package solutions sanitary and drinking water issues can be addressed in mining camps and construction camps.
  • Cooling Water Treatment based in particular on Hydraback® Filters which find wide application when evaporative cooling towers are employed.
  • Deaerators based on ZeroGas Deaerator® technology where removal of dissolved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) from process water or boiler feed water is accomplished through vacuum or thermophysical deaeration
  • Demineralization Systems targeted to the production of high purity water. Removal of dissolved solids can be achieved by means of membranes or ion-exchange technologies.
  • Waste Water Re-Use and Zero Liquid Discharge. It is now a must for all industries having the goal to reduce the environmental impact and increase sustainability.

Case history

Mining – New Caledonia

Cannon Artes supplied a complete waste water treatment plant that treats the effluent produced by Koniambo S.a.S; one of the biggest Nichel producer complexes in New Kaledonia. The plant at full operation produces 60’000 tons of nichel.