Water is essential for any human being and, as such, a basic element widely used in all food processes.

Water is at the same time an ingredient for the preparation of beverages and food products, the most important media for cleaning and sterilization of equipment and machines, and an unavoidable source in the utilities when heating, cooling and power generation are required. In particular, very demanding standards are applied when water is used as an ingredient not just in terms of chemical and physical properties but also because of the risk of affecting the taste of the finished product. On the other side the global attention to waste water handling before disposal is increasing day by day and the limitations on polluting effluents are becoming more stringent.

Moreover the necessity and willingness to follow a model of sustainable development and reduced environmental impact is bringing the Food Industry to reduce the consumption of raw materials in their production process starting with the containing of water use improving the whole process chain and utilizing the most advanced technologies for water reuse.

In more than forty years of experience in the Food & Beverages sector Cannon Artes developed dedicated solutions to the specific needs of the following F&B segments:

  • Soft Drinks
  • Breweries, Wine-makers and Distilleries
  • Canning
  • Milk & Dairy
  • Meat & Fish Processing
  • Sugar Refining
  • Fats & Edible Oil

For such segments Cannon Artes offers a broad range of solutions for all different needs:

  • Desalination & Water Treatment
  • Disinfection systems
  • Drinking water production
  • ZeroGas® Deaerators
  • Demineralisation Plants (Reverse Osmosis and Ion-exchange type)
  • Hydraback® Cooling Water filtration –
  • Process Fluids treatment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Sanitary water treatment
  • Waste water re-use

Case history

Food & Beverage – Waste water and reuse plant – Italy – Finagricola

To treat Finagricola wastewater effluent, Cannon Artes proposed a multi-step approach to increase treatment capacity of the wastewater plant.

Food & Beverage – Italy

Cannon Artes was awarded the contract for its attitude to work as “problem solver” and its ability to supply “tailor made” plants. The contract was awarded as a “turnkey” supply.

Food & Beverage – UK

Princess, a global leading company in tomato canning production with Head Quarter in UK , started a project for wastewater re-use coming from the existing activated sludge system for boiler feeding.