As one of the biggest water consumers, the Fertilizers sector has to deal with important water issues. Water is in fact a raw material in the synthesis of Ammonia, which is in turn the source of all nitrogen-based fertilisers.

Cannon Artes has gained extensive experience throughout several decades in providing solutions for specific water treatment issues related to the Fertilizers Industry.

Cannon Artes’ water and waste water treatment products addressed to the Petrochemical Sector are:

  • Desalination & raw water pre-treatment. Water at plant sites can often be drawn just from the sea, lakes or rivers and is not suitable even for the less demanding users. Treatment is mandatory and can be a challenging job.
  • Demineralization Systems targeted to the production of high purity water. Removal of dissolved solids can be achieved by means of membranes or ion-exchange technologies.
  • Condensate Polishing Units. Traces of different kind of impurities can be removed from the return steam condensate in order make it suitable to be reused.
  • Deaerators based on ZeroGas Deaerator® technology. Removal of dissolved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) from process water or boiler feed water is accomplished through vacuum, thermophysical or membrane deaeration
  • Effluent Water Treatment. Cannon Artes’ solution is in particular addressing the petrochemical sector where the most appropriate selection of technologies coupled with the maximum flexibility are requested to address the variability of flow and chemical compositions.
  • Sanitary Water Treatment and Drinking Water Makers. By means of package solutions sanitary and drinking water issues can be addressed in isolated compounds or construction camps.
  • Cooling Water Filtration based in particular on Hydraback® Filters which find wide application as make-up water treatment and side stream filtration when evaporative cooling towers are employed.
  • Waste Water Re-Use and Zero Liquid Discharge. It is now a must for all industries having the goal to reduce the environmental impact and increase sustainability.

Cannon Artes’ experiences in the Fertilizers Sectors cover production of Nitrogen as well as Phosphorous based products.

Case history

Fertilizers – Turkmenistan

Cannon Artes has been involved for the design and construction of the whole water treatment facilities for the largest fertilizer plant in Turkmenistan.

Chemicals – Jordan

Cannon Artes is present right from the beginning of its operations in the Chemical Industry market, assisting even the most demanding customers in the supply of water treatment packages and solutions.