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The fertilizer sector is one of the biggest water consumers. While water is involved in synthesizing phosphorous and potassium fertilizers, it is a critical raw material in synthesizing ammonia, which is the source of all nitrogen-based fertilizers.

Product Portfolio

Desalination & Raw Water Pretreatment

Water at plant sites can often be drawn from the sea, lakes or rivers and is, in most cases, unsuitable even for less demanding uses. Treatment is mandatory and can be a challenging job. Read more.


These systems target the production of high-purity water to either feed boilers or for process purposes. The removal of dissolved solids can be achieved via membrane or ion-exchange technologies. Read more.

Condensate Polishing Units

Traces of different impurities can be removed from the return steam condensate to make it suitable for reuse. Read more.

Effluent Water Treatment

In the petrochemical sector, effluent water treatment can be highly complex. Our design comes from significant experience in dealing with technologies and developing flexible solutions to handle the variability of flow and chemical compositions. Water Reuse is now entirely feasible and is a must for all clients to reduce their water footprint and increase sustainability. Read more.


The removal of dissolved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) from process water or boiler feed water is accomplished through vacuum, thermophysical, or membrane deaeration processes. Read more.

Oily Water Treatment

Cannon Artes can provide specific solutions to address oil removal from water. Read more.

Cooling Water Filtration

It is used in applications including makeup water treatment and side-stream filtration when evaporative cooling towers are employed. Read more.

Our team’s experience in the fertilizer sector covers the production of nitrogen and phosphorus-based products.