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No matter the type of power generation that is adopted (combined cycle plants, coal-fired, waste to energy, biomass-fired, thermo-solar, nuclear), there are clear objectives of water treatment in the production of steam and power: to reduce boiler corrosion, prevent deposition of scale to maintain high heat-transfer efficiency, and keep the quality of the generated steam in compliance with the requirements of the manufacturers of critical equipment.

Product Portfolio

Desalination & Raw Water Pre-Treatment

Water at plant sites can often be drawn just from the sea, lakes, or rivers, and is, in most cases, unsuitable, even for the less demanding users. Treatment is mandatory and can be a challenging job. Read more.

Condensate Polishing Units

Traces of different impurities can be removed from the return steam condensate to make it suitable for reuse. Read more.

Effluent Water Treatment

Cannon Artes’ solutions address the power-generation sector with integrated wastewater treatment and specific experience with wastewater from Flue Gas Desulphurization Plants (FGD). Read more.

Wastewater Reuse and Zero Liquid Discharge

Are now necessary for all industries that aim to reduce their environmental impact and increase sustainability. Read more.


Target the production of high-purity water. The removal of dissolved solids can be achieved by using membranes or ion-exchange technologies. Read more.

Sanitary Water Treatment and Drinking Water Makers

Using package solutions, sanitary and drinking water issues can be addressed in isolated compounds or construction camps. Cooling Water Filtration finds wide application in make-up water treatment and side stream filtration when evaporative cooling towers are employed. Read more.


The removal of dissolved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) from process water or boiler feed water is performed with a vacuum, thermophysical, or membrane deaeration. Read more.