Accident prevention, environmental protection, and defense of business ethics have always been a central concern for Cannon, which deals strictly with the control of business exchange in accordance with international regulations and legislation.
Cannon Group wishes to contribute to society by offering products and services of better quality and being an involved and responsible corporate citizen.

We convert these intentions into actions in several ways:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of a wide range of processes through our Energy & Water Treatment technologies.
  • Providing energy-efficient equipment, where great care is spent obtaining the highest yield rate from motors and thermal generators.
  • Enabling the production of energy-saving insulated buildings, refrigerators, and vehicles, contributing to saving thousands of tons per year of oil and gas fuels.
  • Allowing the replacement of harmful chemicals used in foaming processes with other alternatives that are non-dangerous for the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Developing environmentally-friendly plastics processing technologies that significantly reduce the weight of the finished products, resulting in a global decrease in fuel consumption.

Download our Ethical Code to learn more