News and events

Cannon Artes @ Napec 2019

Cannon Artes will participate for the first time in Napec 2019, the biggest Oil & Gas fair in Africa.

The importance of treating the boiler water

Boiler water treatment maximizes efficiency and maintains the safety and durability of the steam generator

Pure water for MHI in Turkmenistan TGF plant

The Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertiliser, also known as TGF, will be the largest fertiliser plant in Turkmenistan.

It’s Adipec’s time!

In the mind of most Oil & Gas professionals worldwide, November is associated with ADIPEC, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference. The world’s biggest O&G Exhibition opens its doors in fact on Nov. 12, in Abu Dhabi.

A challenging project: TCO’s “Future Growth Project”

Cannon Artes  delivered a Sea Water Filtration Package to Tengiz for TCO’s  “Future Growth Project”: one of the most challenging Projects in Kazakhstan

Cannon Artes @ Ecwatech 2018

From 25th to 27th of September 2018, Cannon Artes will participate to Ecwatech 2018, the leading water forum in Eastern Europe. Just one month after ONS, Cannon Artes will take part in another exhibition.

Offshore projects secured in Australia and Congo: Cannon Artes packs its luggage for ONS

Offshore projects secured in Australia and Congo: Cannon Artes packs its luggage for ONS Home Two important orders in the offshore sector pave the way for the first Cannon Artes participation at ONS in Norway.

The new ANIMP Packages section: Cannon Artes is part of it

On May 3rd, the new Packages Section, the spin-off the Plant Component Section of Animp, was presented in Milan.

Cannon Artes @ ONS

For the first time, Cannon Artes will attend the ONS Exhibition that will be held at the "Stavanger Forum" in Stavanger, Norway

Artes talked about water re-use at Alta efficienza e Industria 4.0 convention

On 10th of May 2018, Cannon Artes was invited to attend the convention organized in Padua