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Halo Industry SpA

Halo Industry SpA is a joint venture between several companies (Caffaro Industrie SpA, Spin SpA, and Friulia SpA) active in the chemical and pharma sectors.

The challenge

For their Torviscosa industrial site (in the north of Italy), Halo Industry SpA looked for a partner to supply a wastewater treatment plant for a new membrane chlorine soda factory, which produces chlorine, caustic soda, and sodium hypochlorite.
The co-owned companies use all the produced chlorine and part of the caustic soda at the industrial site.

The project

With particular attention to sustainable activities and their impact on the environment, Halo Industry SpA sought a partner that could supply a solution able to guarantee continuous monitoring of all critical parameters of the process using highly reliable tools, instruments, and software.

Due to our expertise in the Chemical sector, our team provided the exact requirements the client both expected and needed. With our expert engineering team, we were able to provide a turnkey solution, fully pre-assembled at our Cannon Artes on-site facilities. We completed the on-site activities with no issues and in compliance with the high levels of safety imposed on this type of industry.

The supplied solution

Delivered in 2016, the plant can treat a flow rate of about 500 m3/day and aims to neutralize the effluent produced and remove any oils present. The system ensures compliance with the required parameters for discharge into surface water bodies, maintaining Halo Industry’s focus on high environmental standards.