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Cartiere del Polesine

Cartiere del Polesine is an important pulp & paper company located in northwest Italy, present on the market for more than 60 years.

The challenge

The only water source for Cartiere del Polesine’s production was from a river with surface water that had changeable characteristics. The water quality deteriorates as the seasons change and after a hard rain. Water treatment has to guarantee a constant flow rate with stable high quality.

The project

Our team provided a complete water treatment plant due to our vast experience in water treatment and our ability to take issues related to bad quality inlet water.

We designed a pre-treatment with a chemical-physical process (clariflocculation) to remove colloids, suspended solids, and other pollutants. The water then passes through a double filtration step (sand and activated carbon) to achieve a quality suitable for reverse osmosis treatment.

The second step was designed on three trains that produce 110 m3/h of demineralized water. Part of the factory’s flow rate was used for general utilities and 55 m3/h to feed the final polishing. This last step was constituted of two trains working in parallel.

The package was manufactured with a high level of pre-assembly inside our own manufacturing center.

The supplied solution

Cannon Artes chose the clariflocculator since it represents a compact and reliable solution. The demineralization is based on reverse osmosis technology, a user-friendly process. At the same time, the Mixed Bed was realized as the final polishing unit to reach the stringent performance required by the customer.

This plant was designed with a high recovery factor to reduce water consumption. The system’s design (from pre-treatment to mixed bed) optimizes chemical and energy consumption. The skilled IT department of Cannon Artes realized the PLC for the packages automation and control.