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MG TEC Industry

Romanian MG TEC Industry, founded in 2018, focuses on innovation and sustainable tissue production.

The challenge

To treat wastewater from the paper production plant, we provided a customized solution based on a double treatment step, bearing in mind the importance of sustainability to the customer and focusing on reducing chemical use and energy consumption. Treated effluent is discharged into protected areas, so it must respect very tough limits.

The project

After carefully assessing their needs, we decided to use a dissolved gas flotation (DGF) system, followed by a biological treatment with MBR technology.

The mill’s wastewater characteristics require pre-treatment to remove suspended substances and reduce inorganic loads entering the biological compartment.

The supplied solution

The plant treats all water effluents from the tissue-producing process with an overall capacity of up to 3,400 m3/day. At the heart of the plant, Membrane Bioreactor technology guarantees the best performance in terms of removal of pollutants from wastewater without the use of tertiary treatments while minimizing the volume of sludge to be disposed of, optimizing operating costs, and providing a significant reduction in overall dimensions.

The treated water meets the most stringent Romanian and EU standards, further enabling its reuse within the factory.