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Leader in the life science sector

As part of an international life sciences group, the client is highly specialized in medicines and chemical-pharmaceutical products.

The challenge

The goal is to ensure the supply of high-quality water intended for utilities. Implementing a well water treatment plant is essential for meeting the stringent GMP regulations imposed by the pharmaceutical industry. This requires a comprehensive approach to remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring that water meets strict quality standards.

Successfully addressing this challenge is important for guaranteeing safe and consistent production processes while complying with the pharmaceutical industry’s regulations.

The project

We carried out an in-depth cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the project’s operational management and water consumption. Comprehensive engagement from the commercial stage allowed us to understand the client’s needs and guide them to the optimal solution.

Dialogue with an advisor facilitated our consultation to ensure a specialized approach and successful project implementation.

The supplied solution

We provided a complete solution through two separate packages:

  • a resin demineralization plant with a capacity of 80 cubic meters per hour, including two cationic columns, a membrane degassing system, and two anionic columns
  • a storage tank with a heat exchanger for energy recovery

This configuration guarantees effective water treatment, meeting the client’s specific requirements while maximizing energy efficiency during the entire process.