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Dphar is an Italian integrated biotech company located in Anagni, Italy.

The challenge

At their site dedicated to fermentation products, Dphar implemented a program to modernize the equipment used in their production processes, aiming to increase the plant’s production capacity while maximizing sustainability.

The project

The modernization project was a combined effort between Cannon Artes and our colleagues at Cannon Bono Energia, the industrial boilers’ supplier.

Our team provided a turnkey water treatment plant for the workshop (production, cooling, and steam generation), providing centralized management, improved maintenance, and minimized chemical use.

The supplied solution

The system can produce about 50 m3/h of low conductivity water (suitable for all uses) and provides a two-phase system:

  • Pre-treatment with ultrafiltration
  • Reverse osmosis

In addition, we were able to adapt all the required accessories for the plant, including chemical dosing, storage, and a management panel.

Most importantly, the supplied plant meets the criteria for Industry 4.0 management, integrated with the production process across all Cannon-supplied equipment and systems, making it suitable for connecting with its general monitoring system.